A protoype to show Drupal's capabilities to campus

News Center

A protoype to show Drupal's capabilities to campus

At the time it launched, the News Center represented our team’s most significant Drupal website to date and served as a demonstration to the campus community how Drupal could transform how we publish content to the web.

We spent a great deal of effort with this project to determine the needs of our news writers: what they wanted to accomplish from a news-publishing website, how their current tools were costing them time and effort, and what they wanted from an ideal setup.

With Drupal’s flexibility, we were able to customize the editing experience to make publishing stories and images quicker and less error-prone for the writers. Drupal’s powerful Views module also let us customize the website’s output, allowing us to categorize stories and display them across the site according to features or magazines printed by the marketing department.